Meme Post

So for the past week, we have read about and discussed memes in class. Memes have become a huge internet sensation on almost every social media platform. Memes are usually used to create satirical humor. I chose this meme because it is relevant to the topic we are working on and it also is relevant to our audience in the same sense. This meme is intended to troll the people who think that the VH1 Save the Music foundation really serves not purpose. When in all reality that is the furthest thing from the truth. This meme plays right into the portion of the collaborative project that I will be presenting. VH1 Save the Music Foundation has served many purposes and there is a lot of evidence to prove this. The underlying concepts that make memes so spreadable is the idea that many can relate to them. It is no secret that if people couldn’t relate to memes then they wouldn’t be so popular. They spread around so easily also because people find them funny. It’s like a funny way to make fun and troll people without seeming like a harsh individual. Granted, sometimes the memes can be taken too far. In my genre of media, which is music, memes seem to be a very popular way to get messages out. In the music industry, memes are growing. Artist use memes to promote their music and even use memes to troll each other in a fun way. Sometimes, you can even see meme use from social media pages of the record labels. They even join in on the fun because they understand how it can catch the attention of music consumers. The meme I chose is related to top-down promotion/branding and an example of user-made content that exists outside of promotional frameworks. … More Meme Post

Internet Privacy

  Hey Guys! Here I have an interesting video about internet privacy that pertains to us all since most of us are large users of internet. In the video the users’ identity is hidden very discretely. If the creator’s name was not written at the end we would have no idea who the creator is … More Internet Privacy

Collab Coming!

Hey Guys! It’s DeQuan, the author of Bridging the Gap. I’m excited to announce that for the next couple weeks, I will joining forces with 808 Sounds & Snares and Jersey Alternative to publish a collaborative campaign. Since all of our sites address some form of music, we are going to produce a series of podcasts … More Collab Coming!

The Competition !

Hey Guys! Its DeQuan again from “Bridging the Gap”. As you all know, my site is all about hip hop culture. One of the main purposes of my site is to connect the many positive impacts that hip hop culture has made on people. Here I have two sites that are fairly related to my … More The Competition !